Underground utilities survey

in GEODATA we are Using the latest detection technology including electro-magnetics, signal induced threading and ground penetrating radar, we locate metal pipes, plastic pipes, drainage systems, electricity cables, telecoms and fiber optic cables. In fact, just about any buried utility. We do this without digging trial holes using a proven non-invasive methodology developed over many years which ensures consistent results and enables high levels of detection accuracy. The position of any detected utility is marked on the ground surface in colour coded biodegradable paint by utility type. A line diagram is painted showing direction and depths are recorded where they are able to be measured.


Benefits of GEODTA Underground Mapping are:

  • Improved work safety and avoid disaster
  • Having full underground data base
  • Minimised disruption to road users and pedestrians
  • Avoided project delays
  • Provided accurate data for planning and design
  • Reduced damage risk to buried apparatus
  • Minimised unnecessary excavation